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DAQFE started producing music as a hobby in early 2017 after listening to different genres of EDM music produced primarily by Vinai and Maddix. Because he didn’t attend college, nor does he have any formal music production experience, he took matters into his own hands and enlisted the help of YouTube and other websites. After learning more about EDM genres, he decided to specialize in the production of Big Room House. DAQFE plans to expand his music into other EDM sub-genres in the future, but for now, he focuses on Big Room House.

It’s clear that EDM is popular in many countries, and it is currently gaining popularity in the United States. Because of this, DAQFE hopes that being an American producer will help inspire others in the United States to create EDM music of their own.

DAQFE is learning new skills in music production every day to create music that is both unique and special to him. One of his main goals is to become a next big artist, and in this, he wants his listeners to hear the passion and excitement build in each song he creates. For DAQFE, that is one of the ideal accomplishments an EDM producer can achieve.