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Bloom’s Taxonomy is an elBasic RGBectronic music project from producer and multi instrumentalist W. B. Fraser. His music is inspired by the decaying urban landscapes of South London, optimistic visions of the future and soundtracks from sci-fi movies of bygone eras. His musical work started a decade ago as guitarist, keyboardist and ‘ambientist’ in the alternative indie band SWiM, a fixture of the Southampton and Portsmouth music scene between 2007 and 2010, writing and producing several tracks for their first and only album which he is currently remastering for its 10 year anniversary release this year by Poles Apart Recordings. After SWiM, he was bassist for indie-funk band The Big Dispute, a fixture of the expat music scene in South Korea between 2010 and 2011, for whom he wrote several tracks as well as producing their first album. Following this, he helped write and produce the third album for ambient electronic band Thermoluminescence, as well as mastering and engineering projects for alternative folk act Adam Scott Glasspool. He is currently a member of cinematic electro duo Snipers, which will be releasing an EP in the near future.