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Electricity is Humming – SILENCE // OUT NOW

Vladimir Dosenovic was born and raised in Serbia. He began making music in the mid 90’s. Inspired by different underground music genres such as hip hop, jungle, drum and bass, gabber and techno he formed a hip hop group with friends and soon after, they released their debut album. They performed at various concerts and shows for a few years. After finishing School of Design in Belgrade he decided to leave the hip hop group and move to Germany where he attended the Art Academy in Munster.
At the same time he started to make his first steps in techno music production. In parallel with painting, photography, art and sound installations he managed to perform locally and on Art Academy as a DJ. In 2012 he graduated and got master diploma in Master Scholar in Art and moved back to Serbia where he became a member of a experimental electro pop duo Manda Fuma.
Since 2000 he’s been passionately producing techno beats and experimenting with sounds. In 2018 he decided to create a project named Electricity Is Humming, a audio-visual mixture of techno music, art and design. In a short space of time he already performed locally at various shows and also he’s been continuously self-releasing new tracks.